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SkyCity Entertainment Group, also known as simply Skycity, is a gaming and entertainment company based in Auckland, New Zealand. It owns and operates five casino properties in New Zealand and Australia, which include a variety of restaurants and bars, two luxury hotels, convention centers, and Auckland's Sky Tower.

Skycity has a terrible culture working environment, management don't care about the staff well being, there is no room to grow, and the casino is a dying business, according to a review by an employee at

"Terrible culture and environment to work in. Management couldn’t care less about the staff and their well being. No opportunity for career development. Roles aren’t well paid. The casino is a dying business, it’s been in decline for years and the pressure staff is under to turn this around is ridiculous."


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Croupier says

"They prefer to employ casual contract so they don't have to pay them over time knowing that everyone will be after doing extra hours to make up the weekly pay. Compared to Christchurch Casino who was always employee first before the equipment, Skycity is a total opposite. If a earthquake scenario is to happen in Auckland (god forbid), I bet they will not allow anyone to go home until all chips and money have been accounted for."

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative (CSR) says

"no work progression Low internal promotions repetitive work, very boring Management not friendly and east to relate to. Very us and them. All supervisors care about is their own value to executives, all actions and motives are to further their own careers."

Former Employee - Food and Beverage Attendant says

"This company hires a huge amount of casual workers. They work in the busiest hours only with minimal pay. The fulltime staff will get more flexible hours, as long as more advantage of shifts arrangement, which is unfair. For example, casual workers are asked to do the 3 hours or 4 hours a shift and always the weekend, public holiday, late night. They don't care about casual workers. If you don't want to work in late night or weekend, you will be told that you cannot coz they hire you so that they wanna use you to the fullest. That was exactly what my supervisor told me."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"A very big corporate so its easy to be lost of forgotten"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Kitchens are structured to keep pay rates below industry standard, poor pay rates for junior staff, no professional development budget in junior roles, management don't give solid answers, they are often wishy washy and it takes forever to get things done"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"A quite busy environment esp for the weekends. Demanding for the late-night shifts. Very low pay and short shifts. Hard work coz you are required to wear leather shoes when working. Supervisors were not so nice, always picky and talk in a threatening manner. You will receive a contract in which most of the terms are beneficial to the employer, and some other paper work which are obligations for the staff. This company is a big company with plenty of casual staff with low pay."

Former Employee - Table Games Dealer says

"-Training is not paid for and they required you to train for 4 weeks, 40 hours a week and you have to invest in appropriate clothing for the training. -You also had to pay for your own (COA) license which they take out of your wages weekly. You can not work as a table games dealer if you do not have a COA license. -As a trainee dealer, you are only hired part-time and sky city contracts state they are only required to roster you on for 3-hour shifts minimum a week. -When you finish your training you have to complete 400 hours on minimum wage ($13.50) before you are able to get paid the proper table dealer hourly wage which was $18.00. -I noticed when I was completing my 400 hours I was getting full-time hours a week but as soon as I got a pay rise I was only given one shift a week. -They employ new table dealers every month and it was hard to get hours, you had to ask or put your name down on the waiting list. -There was a huge staff turn over, a lot of people left because they weren't given enough hours, maybe this is great for students."

Former Employee - CDP says

"too many hours (paid for 40 and you end up doing 50)"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Terribly pay and benefits."

Former Employee - Table Games Dealer says

"Difficult/impossible to get out of doing night shift."

Auckland - Busser (Former Employee) says

"The management always plays favorites with their friends and bully other employees. They would go back on accepted leaves, and give it to other people. They would complain if you go in sick and if you call in sick."

Cleaner (Casual) says

"The Skycity Darwin do not have a right person at the moment in relation to work health issues. He is not having a well reputation in the staff . No proper training of using heavy machines for scrubbing."

Commis Chef (Current Employee) says

"A great job for learning and advancing. But not the greatest management and always seem to be working overtime, They are forever understaffed and asking more of their employees. You are seldom rewarded for hard work but always seem to be made to feel like 'not a team player' when you refuse to do overtime.Cheap ParkingHorrible organisation of rosters."

Prison guard (Former Employee) says

"1. Boring job / uniforms like prison guards 2. Poor training 3. Management not good. just looking after themselves 4. Co-workers excellent 5. Its like working in a prison 6. Going home is the bestFree food, Free parkingShort breaks, most employee's are leaving to find better work"

hospitality (Current Employee) says

"short break....lots of anusual tasks during the shift.not satisfied employees..not good restaurant management.making your day stressfullfree launches but not good food quality with very short menustressfull"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Very low salary, poor management, favouritism, no job appreciation, groupism, no free food or parking no Very disappointingproper training, not much choice of food,Taxi service to home in the night time for very low farePoor management, low wages"

waitress full time (Former Employee) says

"Had great co-workers and a constantly challenging job but was disappointed as to not being able to advance within the industry and head to where i wanted to be.SkyCity DiscountsNot getting a chance to advance forward within the industry"

Gaming Machine Attendant (Former Employee) says

"A lot of walking which is good but when you get sore feet and need a 5 to rest, its like the end of the world for some managers. Managers are great (some anyway) I found there was a lot of favoritism from specific managers. Co workers are probably the only good & fun that come out of that job including cafe vouchers once in a blue moon (which is hardly ever)Meeting people from all sorts of different walks of life.Breaks if you're on a 10 hour shift."

Chief Steward (Former Employee) says

"send staff to required kitchens after short briefing of expectations for that day ie; restaurant promotions possible Health Dept inspections busy b'fast lunch or dinner any training sessions set for the day etc fill any sick calls A/L etc with temps or move around staff to cover all kitchens check all cleaning scheduals have been completed from previous day / night physical inspection of all kitchens from previous nights cleaning check all rostering for day / week check all time and attendance for previous day ( managed 100+ staff ) hardest part of day was always at the beginning making sure enough staff available checking with senior chefs if any problems with their kitchen at start of the shift ( dealt with up to 400 Chefs weekly ) most enjoyable part of the days was having a quiet coffee with friends in 24~7 ( staff restaurant )discounted meals discounted parking free Southern cross health carelong hours"

Waitress (Current Employee) says

"You can work with so many friendly people from many different countries, so if you are from other countries, it's easy to get fitted to this work environment.$2.50 for a meal at 24/7 cafeteriairregular shifts"

Chef De Partie (Current Employee) says

"I will start my job saying as its my first day at work. so i put more important's to learn and share it with my co-workers, that's how i can be a good team player. so i will love and do my job & take more care on it, i don't like to cheat myself so i will very honest and show my passion of work, like very hard work at the same time smart. The most hardest part for me is i work hard but if don't get paid. but still i work the same no changes on my work. but will be little sad once i see the pay foods, uniforms. free car parklong hours but it doesn't mind if i got paid."

Operations Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"A very busy environment most of the time.No two days are ever the same in Management.A Managers role is diverse and challenging.Culturally rewarding with the opportunity to work amongst great people.Learning how to prioritise as everything is important within each business unit.Customer satisfaction and positive feedback.opportunities available to advance careershigh expectations with minimal resources"

Security (Current Employee) says

"Secure the safety of the public escort money if they need,$16.55per hour,Managements ok hardest part of the job is deal with trespass patrons,look at people winningcheap lunchlong hours"

casual Gaming Supervisor and part- time dealer (Former Employee) says

"Working for Skycity for almost 20 years I learnt and grew with the business throughout the years. I worked with several different cultures, meeting new people, the relationships/friendships I have encountered will be with me throughout my life. Hardest part of my job was ensuring staff and customers were always surrounded by a positive team and a safe environment. I am a positive individual and hard working who is looking for a new challenge,subsidized meals/carparks/medical insurancerotating shifts"

Director of Sales - Conventions (Current Employee) says

"With over 3500 employees onsite, and multiple business streams this is a very busy organisation. The convention centre business is a small part of the overall business mix - but on its own is a busy department, with a professional workforce who are committed to delivery successful results. Daily the workload is busy, but varied, and plenty of scope to achieve more. Resources can be an issue - but ultimately good results are rewarded. This is a good employer.Subsidised lunches, health insurance cover, staff discounts, discounted parkingdistant management, heavy heirachical system"

Food and Beverage Attendant (Former Employee) says

"Everyday at work the co workers treat each other with respect and made the working culture an enjoyable one. However as a student finishing work at 4:30am was rather difficult.Available hoursFar too late end times."

Food and Beverage Gaming Attendant (Former Employee) says

"great place to work with loads of opportunity when you work hard for it. Training in was fun but being on the other end of having to train others, although was a fabulous chance to share what you know was distracting to the normal day to day tasks. As it was very much a on the job learning environment.2.50 mealslong hours"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Great staff relationships. Top staff benefits. Rewarding renummeration and pay. Great industry to work in especially if one wants to travel abroad. The company is involved a plenty in supporting the community eg, sporting franchises, and other organisations."

Table Games Manager (Current Employee) says

"In the 34 years in gaming, I have enjoyed the travel, solving issues both with customers and the companies that I have been involved with.Solving issuesthe occassional average Manager"

Security Officer (Current Employee) says

"If you need a job then this is the place to work because they hire any and everyone whether you have experience or not. Management are good at times but will often make you feel like your obligated to work instead of making you feel welcome. Prepare yourself for hard duties, long hours and a slack pay......but hey its a job! They go on about staff meals being discounted but to be brutally honest the food aunt that great at all, it may be great when corporates are in but for the ones that work nightshifts it's like eating 3rd day leftovers. 15 years here so I know what I'm talking about.Cheap staff cafe food.Staff cafe food is yuck."

Former Employee says

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